Information concerning applications

The Lanckoronski Foundation subsidizes projects consistent with the foundation’s objectives as well as supports research abroad by the provision of scholarships.

Scholarships for Research Abroad

Applications for grants relating to scholarships should be directed to the Polish Academy of Learning  which deals comprehensively with all matters concerned. The Polish Academy of Learning is responsible for answering all questions about Lanckoroński Foundation Scholarships as well as the principals upon and the way in which they are granted. Such scholarships are awarded annually by a specially appointed commission at the Polish Academy of Learning composed of representatives of the universities of Kraków, Warsaw, Wrocław, Poznań and Toruń.


It should be emphasized that the Lanckoronski Foundation also provides financial support for projects comprising the publication of source material and monographs, research and publication, as well as post-conference or post-exhibition academic publications relating to the aims of the Foundation. Such projects may be associated with the history of art, history and the wider humanities, relating to the period up to 1939 (in exceptional cases, this limit may be extended to 1945 if essential to the subject concerned).

With regard to the above-mentioned and more expensive projects applications for grants should be addressed directly to the Foundation in accordance with the following procedure.

To whom should the applications be addressed?

Questions regarding possible applications should be sent via the contact form on the contact page. Such questions include the e-mail address to which all correspondence, applications and documents should be sent. Subsequent correspondence will be via e-mail.

IMPORTANT: it is essential that applicants carefully study the guidelines below and provide all required information and documents. This is the exclusive responsibility of the applicant. The Foundation will not draw the applicant’s attention to any omissions and may dismiss an application on formal grounds without prior notification.

When to apply?

Applications must be received no earlier than December 10th and no later than January 15th – the earlier the better.
Applications received before or after not be considered.

What must be included in the application?

The application form must comprise the Application Form, as well as all required documents, a list of which is in the Application Form itself.

When will the applications be considered?

Applications are considered once a year in April.

When will the decision be taken?

Decisions will be sent to applicants by the end of May.

In what currencies are grants awarded?

Financial aid is granted only in the Polish zloty or the Euro. Applicants for projects whose costs will occur in Poland must apply in the Polish zloty. In all other cases the application must be denominated in the Euro. If the project involves some costs to be paid in Poland and others to be paid abroad, then the application must state how much is required in the Polish zloty and how much is required in the Euro.

What should an applicant do in an exceptionally urgent situation?

Applications may be sent to the President of the Foundation in circumstances other than the above, but only in exceptional cases which must be justified in detail and presented in the application. These applications will be dealt with (or not) at the sole discretion of the Foundation.

Legal and tax issues.

The Lanckoronski Foundation is registered and conducts its activities outside the Republic of Poland. The Foundation does not provide any advice nor accept any liability whatsoever for any legal consequences or potential tax liabilities arising from the receipt of funds from the Foundation.

What is the maximum amount of subsidy for which one can apply?

Only in absolutely exceptional circumstances does the provision of financial aid by the Foundation exceed PLN 50,000 and in most cases the grant is much lower than this amount.

When will the beneficiary receive the grant?

Especially in the case of publications the Foundation transfers the grant to the account specified only after the text has been sent to be printed.

Other conditions which apply to the application for grants:
  • The Foundation requires that grants are acknowledged in the publication or included in an appropriate place if the project is not of a publishing nature. Such an acknowledgement must include the Foundation’s logo, comprising both the graphic element and the Foundation’s name (as at the top of this page – available in electronic form from the president).
  • The Foundation requires the disclosure of information concerning other sponsors.
  • The Foundation will only consider applications as well as supporting material in or translated into the Polish language.
  • For projects requiring funding larger than that which the Foundation is willing or able to provide, subsidies will only be granted on condition that the remainder of the necessary financing is approved prior to the provision of funds by the Foundation.