Karol Lanckoroński with his daughter Karolina

The Lanckoronski Foundation constitutes the continuation of the tradition of a family dedicated to supporting the humanities. The Foundation is also the formal heir of the family’s financial assets, which it became upon the death in 2002 of its last member, Professor Karolina Lanckorońska.

The Foundation sincerely welcomes everyone, private individuals as well as institutions, interested in making a donation or leaving an inheritance aimed at promoting the humanities in Poland. It should be emphasized that the traditions of the Lanckoroński family are maintained by the President and Council of the Foundation, most of whom were personally chosen by Professor Lanckorońska.

Council members are selected according to such criteria as expertise in the field of the humanities, finance and management as well as others no less crucial such as honesty, integrity and a deep commitment to the objectives and values cultivated by the Lanckorońskis. Neither the President nor members of the Council receive any remuneration, in accordance with the wishes of the foundress. Of course some administrative costs are inevitable, but they are kept at the lowest possible level so that the greatest possible part of the Foundation’s income can be allocated to its aims and objectives.

The Lanckoronski Foundation is an officially recognised charitable organization. Its financial assets are managed by an international investment bank in London on the basis of low-risk and a balanced portfolio. It is the policy of the Foundation’s Council to steadily increase the value of the Foundation’s capital and to provide grants only out of the income from the Foundation’s investments. The Foundation’s legal adviser are one of the leading law firms in Poland.

Donations, legacies and bequests require appropriate consideration and patronage. Anyone interested, regardless of whether they have already taken a decision or are still in the process of considering it, will be treated with the utmost discretion and to that end you are invited to contact the President either by way of the contact form or on (+48) 501 181 206.