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The opening of the exhibition at the Royal Castle in Warsaw, entitled “36 x Rembrandt”, took place on 4 October 2019, the centrepieces of which are the paintings “Girl in a Window frame” and “Scholar at a Lectern”. Both works of art were donated to the Royal Castle in 1994 as part of Professor Karolina Lanckorońska’s gift to the Polish Nation and are usually on display in the Castle’s Lanckoroński Gallery. The exhibition also provides the occasion to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of that exceptional donation. Also on show are drawings and prints lent by the Print Section of the University of Warsaw’s Library as well as the Polish Academy of Learning in Kraków.


The Lanckoronski Foundation was the honorary patron of the celebrations entitled “The Year of Maria Clementina Sobieska in Oława”, which on September 26-27 commemorated the three hundredth anniversary of the wedding of the granddaughter of King Jan III who was brought up at the Castle of Oława (formerly Ohlau), to King James III, the exiled Stuart King of Great Britain. The festivities, in which Piotr Piniński as president of the Lanckoronski Foundation took part, were organized by the Starosta of Oława Zdzisław Brezdeń and lasted two days, comprising, amongst other events, the celebration of Holy Mass, various speeches and lectures as well as the unveiling of a memorial plaque.


The Lanckoronski Foundation was the patron of the international conference entitled “Private Collections of Ancient Books”, which was organized by the Ossolineum and held in Wrocław on 18-19 June 2019. The aim of the conference was to gather together and publicize information about former private collections of the Polish-Lithuanian Republic, Silesia and Pomerania, which are presently, in whole or in part, maintained in Polish libraries, archives and museums as well as those abroad. This conference was designed to constitute a further step towards reaching a deeper knowledge and academic historical reconstruction of book collections throughout the ages. 26 June 2019

Website: Private Collections of Ancient Books  

At the Bristol Hotel in Warsaw on the 18th of October the inauguration of the Book of a Century of Independence was held, of which the Lanckoronski Foundation was the principal sponsor. As part of the occasion a debate took place entitled Poland on the Road of Democracy 1918-2018. It was introduced by a speech given by Professor Andrzej Rottermund, former director of the Royal Castle in Warsaw and president of the Ciechanowiecki and Teresa Sahakian Foundations, whilst the debate itself was hosted by Zbigniew Gluza, president of the Karta publishing house. The participants were Filip Bajon, Professor Andrzej Bordziej, Janina Ochojska and Andrzej Pągowski and Kazimiera Szczuka

The Lanckoronski Foundation is the largest financial partner of the 2018 programme designed by Ośrodek Karta, entitled “Nieskończenie Niedpodległa” (“Unending Independence”), aimed at stimulating a non party-political nationwide debate on the condition of Poland’s independence, society and democracy during the period 1918-2018. This programme includes, amongst others, fifty two weekly articles in the newspaper “Rzeczypospolita”, as well as regular programmes to be broadcast by Polsat Television and Radio ZET as well as in Histmag.org

“Polska 1926”

On October 18th 2017 the website polska1926.pl was launched. Co-financed by The Lanckoronski Foundation “Polska 1926” is a presentation of one of the greatest personalized lists of the population of the Second Polish Republic. Five and half million Polish citizens signed names under a Declaration of Admiration and Friendship for the United States of America […]