The Lanckoronski Foundation was the patron of the international conference entitled “Private Collections of Ancient Books”, which was organized by the Ossolineum and held in Wrocław on 18-19 June 2019. The aim of the conference was to gather together and publicize information about former private collections of the Polish-Lithuanian Republic, Silesia and Pomerania, which are presently, in whole or in part, maintained in Polish libraries, archives and museums as well as those abroad. This conference was designed to constitute a further step towards reaching a deeper knowledge and academic historical reconstruction of book collections throughout the ages. 26 June 2019

Website: Private Collections of Ancient Books




(from left) Dr Dorota Sidorowicz-Mulak of the Ossolineum and Piotr Piniński, president of the Lanckoronski Foundation.


(1st row) Professor Arvydas Pacevičius from the University of Wilno; (2nd row) Dr Iryna Kachur from the National Library of the Ukraine in Lwów and Irena Ciborowska-Rymarowicz from the National Library of the Ukraine in Kiev.


(from left) The director of the Ossolineum Dr Adolf Juzwenko with Professor Jacek Soszyński of the Polish Academy of Science.


(facing, from left) Dr Jolanta Gwioździk, Professor Paulina Buchwald-Pelcowa and Dr Urszula Paszkiewicz during the accompanying exhibition entitled “Rare Manuscripts from the Ossolineum’s Collections, XV – XVIII c.”