During the XXXI Festival of Historical Books in Kubicki’s Arcades of the Royal Castle in Warsaw, took place on 3 December 2023 in the Forum room, the promotion of “Decyzje Bora” (a biography of Gen. Bor-Komorowski) and “Irena z Lamezan-Salins Komorowska. Malarstwo” (a biography and catalogue of the paintings of Irena Komorowska, the general’s wife).

(from left)
Hosting the presentation: Karol Płatek (of the KARTA Foundation),
Adam Komorowski (son of Gen. Bor-Komorowski),
Wojciech Rodak (editor of the book “Decyzje Bora”),
Piotr Piniński (president of the Lanckoronski Foundation).