The conference entitled
„Historical Libraries of Religious and Ethnic Minorities”
took place on 22-23 September 2022 at the Ossolineum in Wrocław.

The conference poster

Dr Łukasz Kamiński, director of the Ossolineum.

From the left: (row 1) Piotr Piniński, president of the Lanckoronski Foundation,
Dr Dorota Sidorowicz-Mulak, vice-director of the Ossolineum,
(row 2) Professor Krzysztof Stopka, director of the Museum of the University of Kraków,
Monika Agopsowicz, member of the Board of the Foundation for the Culture and Heritage of Polish Armenians,
Father Marek Miławicki OP, vice-director of the Dominican Historical Institute in Kraków.